Why Mexico?


Now you are probably asking yourself why Mexico? Allow me to fill you in on the many, many reasons why Mexico is a great option for health care.

Availability and Cost

Every medium to large city in Mexico has at least one good hospital, in Merida there 5 top rated hospitals if not more, not mention a pharmacy, clinic or lab on nearly every corner. With so many hospitals, clinics and labs available, wait times and cost are very low. For example, you suffer from chronic headaches and want an MRI to see if anything is wrong. Within minutes you can see a doctor at the clinic down the street and the same day can have an MRI performed. Your results are usually ready the next day and are sent to your email, there is no need to wait for months to see a doctor and then months to get the scan only to have to wait to see the doctor again to know what is wrong. What about cost? It must be expensive to have things done so quickly. Not at all! That example costs as little as $150 Canadian dollars and believe it or not, some labs and doctor offer discounts if you have a Costco or Sam's club membership.

Another big plus is that the cost of prescription drugs. Prescription drugs that are manufactured in Mexico cost, on average, about 30% to 60% less than the same drugs in Canada and are easily attainable.

Quality of Care

 The hospital and clinics are not at all like they are made out to be in the movies, they are amazing! I have personally seen a janitor whose job for the day was to clean the elevators in the hospital, and for hours that is what he did, up and down, up and down scrubbing every last inch of the elevator. Covid is not taken lightly here either, most people still wears masks at all times and all of the hospitals require you to sanitize your hands before entering.

The operating rooms in the major private hospitals are very clean and advanced, the ICUs are well staffed, and the private rooms are comparable to high end hotel rooms.


Here in Merida doctors are readily available but the booking and appointment process are different. When you book an appointment, you are booking with a doctor who specializes in a particular field. There is no need to book with a general doctor who will decide what type of specialist you need to see and then wait, and wait to get an appointment. If you have kidney issues, we find a doctor who specializes in that field and you go directly to him first. Its very streamlined and you get results fast!


The doctors are constantly training in new technology and methods. To them, it is a matter of pride to try to be the best in their field. One of neurosurgeons we work with, if at all possible will do surgeries endoscopically to cut back on hospital stays and recovery times. He is also training in virtual reality and augmented reality to better diagnose and have better pre-op assessments of the patients needs. That is just one example of the advancements that are being made, and just in one field of study. Many of the doctors and surgeons are willing to work without the use of blood because they recognize and respect a persons decision to choose, whether it be personal or religious. Every doctor is trying to improve the way they treat patients to save time, money, and recovery times.

Cost of Staying in Merida

It is understandable that sometimes it may take longer than a few days or weeks to receive the treatment needed but the cost of staying for a month or more is actually affordable. Nice Airbnb's can be found for $350 Canadian per month and the cost of food is generally half of what it costs in Canada.

Ubers and taxis are just a phone call away and will take you almost anywhere in the city for around $5 Canadian. If you don't feel like cooking, Uber eats will bring your food to you, or if you don"t feel like shopping, for $7 Canadian you can have a personal shopper who will deliver to your door from places like Walmart, Costco and Sam's Club.