Disclaimer - We understand that not all medical outcomes will be the same, and we cant promise a cure, but these are just a few of the positive experiences we have heard and personally had.

A 43 year old man was thought to have thyroid cancer. An ultrasound was performed to see how the thyroid looked, and there were calcified nodules on the right lobe of the thyroid. The next day after finding out, a biopsy was performed, and the day after that the results were confirmed that the patient had cancer. We began to look for a surgeon to remove the thyroid and with in 4 days we had found a highly recommended surgeon, met with him to discuss options, and had a surgery booked for later in the week. The surgery was a great success and after one nights stay in a private room in the hospital, the patient was discharged. The entire procedure took place in a week and a half and cost $5500.00 Canadian dollars

A 39 year old woman was diagnosed with a pituitary cyst and a cranial CSF leak that had not been noticed or diagnosed for years in Canada despite many doctors and specialists visits in the past. Within just a few weeks we had a team of surgeons, including a Neurologist, a specialized anesthesiologist, and ottolaryngologist (Nose and throat specialist). An 8 hour surgery was performed to seal the leaks and fix the pituitary cyst, and after 2 nights in the ICU and 6 days in a private hospital suite due to a few minor complications, the patient was released.

A man from Alberta was facing a 4 year wait to have his knee replaced. It took only 2 weeks to find a surgeon in Merida, fly to have the surgery performed and return home.

A woman in her 50's was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer that had spread to many parts of her body. Immediately treatments were started and after 8 months and one surgery she is cancer free. Its very sad to say though, that her sister-in-law in England who has a similar type of cancer, is still waiting for treatments to begin even though she was diagnosed first.